Two Deaf Dogs – Home Wanted

two deaf dogsHello:

I am hoping you can help provide me guidance and/or assistance. I am with Apollo Support and Rescue for Abandoned Dogs. We have two beautiful brothers that had been living with fosters for a few years and are now not able to care for them. Both brothers are deaf and have been taught sign language. They eat, go to bed and sit/stay per sign language commands. They are both very smart.

They have been brought back to a boarding/shelter environment. After living in a home environment for so long, it is a dramatic shock to have to be kenneled 24 hours a day. I am trying to find either a foster family and/or forever family that can show them the love and attention these sweet beautiful boys both deserve.

I was wondering if you knew of a such family and/or center that would love these dogs.

Below are the links to each of their profile pages.

Please, if you know of anyone, please do let me know and I can arrange a “meet and greet” session.

Thank you so much in advance.

Location: Justin, Texas

Lisa Barlag
Email: [email protected]


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