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Jean Massieu Academy (JMA) – an AWESOME place to LEARN!

jma logoJean Massieu Academy—an AWESOME place to LEARN!

Accepting enrollment interest forms for Pre-K through the 12th grade!

The mission of Jean Massieu Academy (“JMA”) is to promote educational excellence for children from Early Childhood through the 12th grade, using innovative teaching methods. Originally chartered to serve the deaf and hard of hearing population of learners, American Sign Language is a language all students learn and, as a community, our focus is on academic rigor.

JMA staff, teachers, paraprofessionals and interpreters, implement an interdisciplinary curriculum in a way that is relevant to each student’s world. Students will apply their knowledge of culture and language diversity and enter the global labor force of the 21st century with marketable skills. Academically, JMA develops and implements Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs) for all learners.

2013-14 and 2014-15: Things that happened at JMA!

In the Spring of 2013, JMA’s Board of Directors made a bold decision to pursue energy efficient facilities upgrades in furtherance of its dedication to the academic growth of all learners. Understanding that safe and welcoming learning environment supports strong academic growth, the Board of Directors approved facility improvements that included:

* Increased security (new security cameras)
* Upgraded HVAC and Lighting
* Four new bathrooms
* All new flooring and a paved parking lot
* A new multi-purpose auditorium

Significantly, JMA has been able to pay for the costs of most of these improvements from the utility and facility repair savings the school is enjoying and, at the same time, JMA saw a significant increase in the year’s net earnings.

Individualized Learning Plans—Excite, Engage and Empower!

Here at JMA, we want to be held accountable for educating every student. We are urgent in our dedication to making that happen! In 2014-15, due to the full implementation of its educational vision of ILPs, the students were able to demonstrate unheard of growth in the area of English Language Arts: 100% of our 8th grade students met state standards in the area of Reading!

During the first week of school, each JMA student participated in a benchmarking activity whereby academic grade level equivalents are determined. In middle and high school, students are assessed in four content areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. From Pre-K through the 4th Grade, while a teacher is continually assessing his or her students in all areas of study, a primary focus is on Reading and Mathematics. With this data, by mid-September, academic growth goals are set for each child.

JMA teachers eagerly look forward to collaborating with students and their parents in goal-setting and, critically, in determining both at-home and at-school high-interest activities that will support each student in reaching, if not, exceeding academic goals. Thus, each student attending JMA is excited about, empowered to and engaged in following his or her Individualized Learning Plan. Progress towards meeting academic goals is monitored, shared and celebrated with students and their families. Successful growth and assessment results inform a robust differentiated instruction model designed to meet the needs of all learners all year long!

Something new for our 9th through 12th grade learners is the implementation of an Emporium Learning Model. A blend between on-line and in class instructional support, has each high school student learning at his or her own pace. The largest percentage of JMA’s deaf and hard of hearing students are in High School and, with the support of an interpreter, they are taking ownership of their own learning along with their peers.

In October of 2014, JMA handed EVERY student, pre-K through 12th, a tablet!

This addition and the upgrade of our technology is just another way that JMA promotes excitement about engaged learning. JMA students are empowered to grow personally and academically. JMA is clearly supporting preparedness for success upon graduation!

JMA’s diversity extends beyond the socio-economic cultural differences of our student population. We have a very high percentage of English Language Learners and welcome the opportunity to include deaf and hard of hearing students in every classroom.

JMA is a safe place to learn!

Finally, JMA does not tolerate behavior that interrupts student learning. Students and families understand and are committed to the safety—psychologically and physically—of every member of its community. We are good citizens and are passionate about learning. Settling for less is not an option!

Learn more about the JMA:

* Go to http://www.jeanmassieu.com
* Friend us on FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/JeanMassieuAcademy
* Come for a tour of our school—call 817-460-0396 to set up a tour
* E-mail the Superintendent/Principal for more information: [email protected]
* Volunteer—if you have time during the day and would like to come to school and help out, we welcome all volunteers (opportunities: monitor lunch, read with students, homework help, arrange library books, etc.). There is a link on the school’s website for all to volunteer!
* Donate—while JMA financed last year’s construction project, its educational program is growing: JMA has a waiting list that, at times, exceeds its enrollment. Increasing the levels of rigor and targeted student growth costs money. JMA is a not-for-profit organization and all financial contributions are tax deductible.

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