San Angelo Native Filmmaker Set to Direct New Documentary

San Angelo Native Filmmaker Set to Direct New Documentary

By Brandy Ramirez

March 24, 2016

San Angelo native filmmaker Cody Broadway signed up to direct a documentary about the Texas School for the Deaf football team, and is set to start production next month.

The documentary will follow and showcase the Texas School for the Deaf football team that faces life challenges every week, but manages to overcome while competing against several high schools throughout Texas. Although the team and coaching staff are deaf, they have a winning tradition that dates several years back.

Production for the film starts in April and will continue through the fall of 2016. The film is due for release in 2017, and Broadway continues to search for one or more producers to attach his or her name to this project.

“This will be a new experience for me, but who would I be if I wasn’t challenging myself to learn more about life,” Broadway said. “The goal is to tell a touching story that will speak and inspire people.”

Broadway currently directs an award-winning web series, “I Have a Voice,” and has directed an award-winning film, “She Rides Bulls,” and an award-winning documentary, “A Cup of Coffee,” in 2015.

For this project, Broadway is joined by seven-time Emmy Award-winning Director of Photography Michael Lukasjewskyj, who has also received 26 other Emmy nominations.

Broadway said, due to his passion for film and television production, he sought out the New York Film Academy in 2009, and within a month after leaving school, he joined FOX as the Promotions and Production Manager in the Texas market. He helped create and host FOX Live, which airs every Saturday. Broadway also currently works in San Antonio for KENS 5 TV, where he has been nominated for three Emmy Award nominations.


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