Deaf Dog Jax Need New Home!!

Hello all, the attached is a picture of Jax, a deaf dog who has been put up for adoption at the Humane Society (HS) facility in Coleman, Texas. My step-grandmother Linda Laws volunteers a lot of her time with the Coleman County HS and forwarded the below information in her e-mail to me and Kathy. If anyone is interested, please let us know by private message with your e-mail address so I can provide it to Linda so she can contact you. Serious inquiries only, please. (See Facebook link below)

We can do it from anywhere in Texas! 

We are from Coleman, Texas about one hour south of from Abilene, West Texas.

From Linda:

A young dog has just been turned in to our Humane Society here (the owner had to move to an assisted living place in Florida). He has apparently been completely deaf since birth, but has been well started on sign language for dogs and is very obedient. They said he quickly responds to the signs for “come”, “sit”, “stay”, and “down”, and is quiet. He looks to be about the size of a yellow lab. Anyway, would you both please try to help find him a home with somebody in the deaf community? (Must have a fenced yard and preferably will already have had experience with dogs.) He has had all of his vaccinations and will be neutered if he hasn’t been already. Hope you can help me find a “forever home” for this sweet doggie, goes by the name of “Jax”. The adoption fee is only $50!


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