The Revolution Must Be Accessible! A guide for building access-centered online movement education (ASL, Spanish & English)

The Revolution Must Be Accessible!
¡La Revolución Debe Ser Accessible!

Today HEARD released a resource for organizers in ASL, English & Spanish, The Revolution Must Be Accessible! 

With the been a huge increase in online movement organizing, education, and information sharing in response to COVID-19, HEARD has spent even more time supporting organizers and organizations to create access-centered virtual learning spaces. This resource serves as a guide for community organizers/educators/builders on how to create movements and learning communities that are grounded in the principles of disability justice and language justice because the revolution must be accessible!

HEARD will host a webinar tonight at 4pm PT / 7pm ET by the same name to dive deeper into the current state of movements as related to disability justice and language justice, to share more about how to create access-centered learning spaces, and touch on some common mistakes that are made that can be easily remedied, among other things. The webinar will have ASL, spoken and captioned English, & spoken Spanish access. Register at PeoplesHub online:

We posted the resource on all of our social media accounts so you can share directly from those accounts or from this newsletter using the links below.ASL Resource:
English Resource:
Spanish Resource:
Text only – English and Spanish with image/video descriptions:






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