Isaiah’s Place – Programs 2021

Isaiah’s Place – Programs 2021

Location: Whiteny, Texas near Waco

Mission Statement: IP provides an educational retreat facility for Hope, Renewal, and Restoration focused on enriching the lives of those served by Non-Profit Groups including the Deaf and underserved populations.

Isaiah’s Place Equine Connect
Equine Assisted Growth and Learning

EAGALA Trained Specialists – Mental Health Professionals & Equine Specialists

Sessions for individuals and groups: Horses are front and center, deliberately unhindered, and allowed to interact with clients as they wish. The sessions, all led using ground work, are about the relationships between horses and clients, not the relationships between the facilitators and clients. The facilitators are there to provide the opportunities and bring consciousness to the lessons being learned. This scenario creates the environment for change and often opens doors to the unexpected and unplanned. The horses’ impact on the client experience often takes surprise turns, creating amazing stories in the process.

Deaf Programs

  • Deaf Family Retreats
  • ASL Language Retreats (Virtual Options)
  • Deaf Community Led Bible Studies
  • Deaf Ministry Leadership Program
  • Deaf History Center
  • Exhibits & Educational Resources
  • (Watch for Deaf Success Stories on line)

Isaiah’s Place Programs

  • Artists’ Led Workshops & Retreats
  • Quilting Workshops & Retreats
  • Bible Study Retreats
  • Ministry Leadership Program (Older youth and young adults)
  • Bird Watching Days & Retreats
  • Photography Days & Retreats
  • Mission

IP is ready to schedule your event.

We will customize and work with you to create a successful time at IP.
Email: [email protected] [email protected]
Cell @ 254-205-7880 Office: 254-694-7771



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