Welcome to Deaf Wahm

Welcome to Deaf Wahm


Our Mission:

To accept as true integrity, diversity and fun in the Deaf community
across America, while networking through word of hands and visuals, to
value the empower of our Deaf culture.

Deaf Wahm founder is very pleased to announce the launch of our new
website; Deaf Wahm. The founder decided to start a website that
designs just for Deaf people that are interested in direct selling
opportunities, booking parties with Deaf consultants or where they can
gain access to these resources. The founder wanted to assist other
Deaf people in promoting their business and gaining success. Deaf Wahm offers many things that will benefit you from direct selling to
forums. Deaf Wahm is inviting you; the consultants, representatives
and business owners to promote your business on Deaf Wahm. Please
share this news to people that you know who might be interested in.
Come visit our new website: http://www.deafwahm.com for more
information. Enjoy it!

About Deaf Wahm website: Deaf Wahm eliminates language barriers and
allows you to inquire about different business opportunities, or if
you wish to find Deaf consultants in your area for an upcoming party.
You will never have to pay out of pocket for an interpreter, or have
one who is not fluent in ASL. Avoid writing back and forth on paper or
having any miscommunications. Deaf Wahm has a lot to offer you, access
better resources by contacting Deaf Wahm.

Deaf Wahm and Global Deaf Women formed the long-term partnership and are committed to provide the resources and support to Deaf Mothers who are seeking for ways to enhance their personal and professional lives.

Deaf Wahm (Work At Home Mom) and Global Deaf Women share the same Vision: Connect and Inspire Deaf Women Across the Globe; Share
resources and skills with other Deaf Women; Be part of the Deaf
Women?s Marketplace. Deaf Wahm and Global Deaf Women share the same passion in supporting Deaf Women’s personal and professional growth through the programs and support services.

Wishing you all a summer filled with happiness, prosperity, success
and healthy from Deaf Wahm.

Best Regards,
Tiffany Scofield
Founder of Deaf Wahm

Deaf Wahm: http://www.DeafWahm.com

Global Deaf Women: http://www.GlobalDeafWomen.com

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