VCO Plus for Hard of Hearing

VCO Plus

Other VRS providers might offer voice carry-over (VCO) service, but none of
them can match The Z™ for quality and ease. That’s why we call it VCO Plus!

* Use your own voice to speak to the other caller when placing VRS calls,
* Talk directly into the Z videophone using our single-line VCO technology
… no need for a second phone, PLUS
* Answer your calls directly with the press of a button, no waiting for a
second line to connect, PLUS
* Certified interpreters with specialized skills in handling VCO calls, PLUS

Choose your preferred communication option: American Sign Language,
English-based sign language or English-based sign language with lipreading.

Click here for a list of compatible headsets for use with VCO Plus and Z

Click the video to view how “VCO Plus” works!

Contact me if you are interested to get more information re: VCO Plus or any Z products information.

Mil gracias!

Rogelio Fernández, Jr
Video Solutions Manager
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (512) 410-1280

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