Note from Michael Hubbs

Note from Michael Hubbs

My name is Michael Hubbs. I am currently training for the 2014 Winter
Olympics. I plan to compete in the Short Track Speed Skating competition, as
the 1st Deaf Short Track SpeedSkater on Team USA. I am confident that I have
a real chance at making my dream to be a gold medalist a reality. I train at
least 30 hours a week at the Olympic Oval in Kearns, UT.

To make my lifelong dream a true reality, I am requesting your help. Through
your donations and my drive, determination, training, and focus on a dream,
we can successfully win the Gold in 2014.

By competing in the Winter Olympics, I hope to inspire the Deaf community
around the world and to help them realize that Deaf athletes can achieve
their goals in today’s competitive world. I want to inspire them to
visualize their dream and make it happen.

This year, my goal is to raise $30,000 to cover expenses including but not
limited to: new uniforms, short track boots, domestic and international
travel expenses, as well as Olympic training program fees.

My hope is that you will join me in reaching my goal. A simple donation, of
any amount, can be made online at (a Charitable
donation in which 10% of the proceeds will be given to GiveForward)or via to username [email protected]

Listed below are some of my most recent achievements. Please view and
believe with me. I will do this and make you all very proud.

For more information, please contact me directly at
[email protected] .

My team and I sincerely thank you for your time and support.

See below for more information and links.


Michael Hubbs
United States Speed Skating
Oval Short Track Speed Skating Club 3 & F.A.S.T. Team
[email protected]

Career Highlights:

2/2011- Champaign Short Track Speed Skating Championships

500 meters- 3rd

1000 meters- 2nd

3000 meters relay- 3rd

9/2010- NIRA: National Short Track Speed Skating Championship
3,000 meters relay- World-Class Division: Silver

7/2010-USA National Speed Skating Championship
1000 meters- 4th Place (Almost Bronze)
Ranked 4th Overall in the US

5/2010-Southern Regional Championship
500 meters- Bronze
1000 meters- Bronze


1) Uniform- $500
2) STEP Program Club 3-$90/month (sometimes $50-$100 more for more training)

3) F.A.S.T. Team Program- $350/month
3) Transportation from home to Olympic Oval-$200/ month
4) Food-$200/ month

5) Hotel in USA-(varies from $70 to $150 a day. Average 2 days of stay)

6) International hotel-(varies from $100 to $400 a day. Avg stay of 2 to 3

7) Meets- Varies from $40 to $100 for all the meets in US.

8) International Meets- $100 to $200 depending on which country but that is

9) Airline in US-$150 to $400

10) International Airline- $500 to $1,500

11) Short Track Boots- $2,000

12) Car Rental- (varies-cheapest is about $40 to $80 a day)


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