UPDATED: ASL Interpreter Needed

ASL interpreter needed – Updated

My name is John Wilson and I am currently the Camper Care Coordinator for
Camp Kesem. We are a non-profit organization that provides a week of summer
camp to the children of past and present cancer patients. This year our camp
will take place from August 14-20, 2011 in Wimberley, Texas at Camp Young
Judea. This year we are looking in accepting our first deaf camper, Shannon.
Our camp requires that we have two ASl interpreters full time at the camp so
that we can accept her. She is 10 years old, completely deaf, cannot read
lips, and does not really wear a hearing aid (just a little background

We are really looking for the interpreters to be able to donate their time.
Since we are a non-profit organization we currently do not have the funds to
pay the interpreters, but we will be able to provide the two interpreters
with a full week of room and board and we would be able to provide them with
community service hours. This year we are expecting 60 children to attend
our camp.

Also if you can only volunteer for a part of the week that is ok too. Please
let me know if you can help out at all that way we can make this little
girl’s week magical.

For more infortmation about our camp please visit


CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

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