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Residential Facility for adults with disabilities – Austin

Residential Facility for adults with disabilities


Mary Lee Foundation is an organization that serves adults with
disabilities and I am wondering if your organization might be a way to
let people know of the opening we have in one of our residential
programs. It is an apartment living program for adults with
disabilities that allows them to live fairly independently but still
receive the help they need. We have some people with mild
developmental disabilities or mental health disorders. We currently
have one opening and I am wondering if your organization might be a
resource to help us find someone to fill that vacancy. It is a 2
bedroom apartment and the 1 person currently living there is deaf (and
has another mild disability). It would be great to find a roommate for
her who is deaf as well so she can communicate well with that person.

The cost of the program is $1500/ month, which includes the following:

· Rent
· Utilities & gas
· Groceries
· Intercom phone and day room phone
· Use of basic furniture
· Case management
· Staff to supervise medication pass
· Staff assistance in keeping current medical appointments
· Transportation to medical appointments
· Staff assistance in ordering medications
· Staff assistance in cooking meals
· Nurse to follow up on medical appointments and check resident when
· Bookkeeping to manage money if needed
· Staff assistance in completing some tasks such as keeping apartment
clean and reminders to complete activities of daily living
· Routine maintenance
· Leisure activities

Please let me know if you need more information or if this is way off
base for me to be asking you about this!


Leigh Dunson
Mary Lee Foundation
Cell: 512-922-1587
Fax: 512-442-6825

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