VIDEO: Perfect Pitch: Tourney for Deaf Softball Players Held in Dallas

Perfect Pitch: Tourney for Deaf Softball Players Held in Dallas

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July 11, 2015

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd – two sounds Larry Young has never heard.

Yet, he explained that doesn’t put him at any disadvantage when out on the diamond.

“There’s no difference,” Young said through a sign language interpreter. “The hearing world should understand that we can play as well as they can.”

Saturday, Young was one of more than 300 players who took part in Southwest Softball Association of the Deaf tournament at Kiest Park in Dallas.

Everyone who participated is deaf or hard of hearing, even the umpires.

However, there are no rule changes or special accommodations.

Young, who severed as a player and coach on the Texas Bullseye team, started playing baseball when he was young.

He recalled becoming frustrated being the only deaf player on his little league team.

However, he explained it never kept him away from playing organized sports.

When he became older and had two son, who are both deaf, he wanted them to realize not being able to hear doesn’t impact their ability to play sports.

“We can do everything but hear,” Young expressed.

Saturday, Young’s two sons were also his teammates.

“I can play with hearing. I can play with deaf,” said Young’s son, Cy, said through a sign language interpreter. “I just want to play. You just show your skills on the field. If doesn’t matter if you’re deaf or hearing.”

The Youngs, like most on Saturday, let their game speak for itself.




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