FIRST IN HISTORY: The First DeafBlind VRS Calls Were Made with CAAGVRS

star vrsFIRST IN HISTORY: The First DeafBlind VRS Calls Were Made with CAAGVRS

DeafBlind Communication Matters

On Monday, January 5, 2015 history was made as the day the first live DeafBlind Video Relay (DBVRS) calls were successfully made by alpha testers!

DBVRS, wherein a DeafBlind consumer calls into the service using specialized software and signs to the VRS interpreter who voices to the hearing consumer and then types back to the DeafBlind consumer who receives the information from the hearing consumer via braille display, has been a long time project of CAAGVRS that began in the early summer of 2014.

After several months of testing, CAAGVRS made the first live test calls on January 5th with alpha users of the service. In their words, “This is Awesome!” “I am so very excited!” “Finally true independence for DeafBlind to make VRS calls anytime we need or wish.”

The value of this service cannot be understated for the DeafBlind Community as IP-Relay providers continue to close their doors and as a way for DeafBlind individuals to come closer to functional equivalency by using ASL to communicate to the VRS interpreter. CAAGVRS is humbled and honored to pioneer this service to our Community.

Beta testing will begin soon. CAAGVRS is still looking for additional beta testers who are DeafBlind or have low vision (with or without a braille display). If you are interested please contact the Vice President of CAAGVRS, Jeremy Jack, directly at [email protected].

DBVRS is just one of the incredible things that CAAGVRS (soon to be Star VRS) will be bringing to you this year.


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